We Help People In Need Through
Well Planned & Comprehensive Projects

Our Causes

Rural Development

Rural development is the process of improving the quality of life and economic well-being of people living in rural area, often relatively isolated and sparsely populated areas. 

Raised : Rs. 13000 | Goal : Rs. 500000

Health Initiatives

We aim to root cause and achieve a healthy nation and saves lives by taking appropriate measures like adding more number of hospitals and doctors and providing better sanitization facilities.

Raised : Rs. 10000 | Goal : Rs. 500000

Empowering Women

Our country’s growth depend on the women. Enabling women to know about their rights and responsibilities and practicing them without apprehensions is of foremost importance to us.

Raised : Rs. 5000 | Goal : Rs. 500000


Our aim is to impart education to children and help them develop skills that will prove to be useful for them in future. Focus India aims to take education to the student if the student faces hurdles in reaching education.

Raised : Rs. 29000 | Goal : Rs. 500000

Environment & Conservation

Our “Conservation Programs” are thoroughly designed and executed by the experts in the industry. Our primary focus points are: Clean Energy, Biosafety, Water Conservation, Wildlife & Marine Conservation. 

Raised : Rs. 15000 | Goal : Rs. 500000

Skill Development

Focus India is consistently making efforts to mitigate the hurdles in solving issues like suppression of the girl child, access to education, opportunities to nurture new skills, financial security, gender equality.

Raised : Rs. 17000 | Goal : Rs. 500000




Our Projects

smart farm

Smart Farm

water atm

Water ATM



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About Us

Focus India Group was established with a vision to help people in need, through well planned and comprehensive projects in Heath, Education, Skill Development, Women Empowerment, Rural Development and Conservation.

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