Education BnW



Raised : Rs. 29000 | Goal : Rs. 50000


For most disadvantaged families, educating their children is the last thing on their minds. According to the Indian law, every child up to the age of 14 is entitled to free schooling but in most cases, people are unaware of this right of theirs. Moreover, the government schools that they attend are in poor shape and have low teaching standards. We bring into the innovations and programs to the inaccessible areas to educate and empower children and people for a better fruitful life.
Our aim is to impart education to children and help them develop skills that will prove to be useful for them in future. Our long-term goal also includes availability of schools and good teachers for all, decrease the dropout rate from schools, building schools with decent infrastructure and opening libraries for the people who need it the most.
Focus India aims to take education to the student if the student faces hurdles in reaching education.